[The Mercy Cage x Shine Brida]

Was going to hold this version of the song off for the album, but i’m so in love with it, that we’ll put it out now. Because i got to have one of my very favorite artists on this track: Shine Brida

Brida STOMPS this. It’s very bleak and very beautiful and full of perfect moments. & Kitty Rine glues the song together with a lovely choral vocal.

It’s a free download on bandcamp (or pay what you want), because we know times are tight & we’d love everyone to have the chance to take a listen. On spotify/apple music/itunes etc in the next couple days.

Backed with a remix, ‘No Heroes Dub’ that’s a little glitchy, a little Hip Hop, & more than a littlenoisy 90’s Industrial.


Shine Brida’s amazing new E.P ‘Moonshine II’ is out on bandcamp now. It’s one of my records of the year so far.

Author: themercycage

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