Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp – Sídhe

‘Sídhe’ (pronounced “shee”) is the debut solo EP from Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp: former singer with dark, experimental New Zealand projects The Gael, Flinch, Pulchritude, DiS, Artemisia, and others.

Originally recorded during the early 2000s in Titirangi, Auckland, with long-time collaborator and drummer Iva Treskon (Artemisia, Pulchritude); the ‘Sídhe’ recordings have languished unfinished and unreleased ever since.

The sessions were rescued from obscurity at Junk DNA Recording, Wellington, by engineer and musician Bryan Tabuteau (Crash-Scan, UVB96, Radar Angel, Nullity); and have at last been brought back to life at VET Labs, Auckland, by producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Wood (The Mercy Cage, The Altar, Melody Fallen).

The ‘Sídhe’ EP blends brooding and seductive lounge-bar cabaret with dark electronica, and features guest appearances from singer Michel Rowland (Disjecta Membra), and session bassist Matt Shanks.

Author: themercycage

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