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Gathering Shadows 2023

Catch The Mercy Cage live in Wellington January 21 at Gathering Shadows 2023

Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp – Sídhe

‘Sídhe’ (pronounced “shee”) is the debut solo EP from Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp, produced by Josh from The Mercy Cage.

Black Pill/Red Pill

FREE download from 10 awesome bands: Angelspit, Miss Ballistic, DK Zero, The Gothsicles, Hardcore Pong, Helalyn Flowers, Lorelei Dreaming, May May Graves, The Mercy Cage, Planetdamage.

Sad Girls Club Vol.4

Isserley’s latest remix album Sad Girls Club Vol.4 is out now. Including a remix of the song V/H/S by The Mercy Cage from earlier in the year.

Weak: Machine Logic Remix E.P

The Mercy Cage’s new remix single with Reapers, ‘Weak: Machine Logic’ is out now on bandcamp, spotify & apple music. Featuring remixes by Out Out, Angelspit, Skin Contact, Planetdamage, OUJI, Genesis’84, Kirine & more.


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Lab 2016 […just]

Pretty Lights…post-xmas studio rewiring finally done, Kurosawa and Shindo...

Gear: Bontempi musicpartner MS40

picked this ancient home organ up at a junk store many years ago with the intent of circuit bending, but it has an anachronistic charm as is.

audio thing: monsters

a tin can, some rubber bands & a sampler. a sonic experiment for Angelspit’s 40 hr rock challenge: MONSTERS

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Weak (Demotivate) Music Video
Weak: Machine Logic E.P [Teaser Promo]
Five Zeroes [Teaser Promo]
  • Weak (Demotivate) Music Video

  • Weak: Machine Logic E.P [Teaser Promo]

  • Five Zeroes [Teaser Promo]



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