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Walking Ghost Phase

Walking Ghost Phase, a brand new 3 track single from The Mercy Cage, featuring Justine O’Gahdra-Sharp. available digitally now.

Snapshots of A Surveillance Manifesto

Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto is an electro/industrial EP by Hungarian cyberpunk novelist & researcher Planetdamage. features a remix by TMC.

Remix: lichtbeuger – praise be

Here’s a remix of the song Praise Be by Auckland band Lichtbeuger.
note: remix contains a sample of Norfolk Jubilee Quartette’s Ride On King Jesus. Which sounds like the name of the greatest 70s bikersploitation movie ever…

[Brand] New Home – Home/Again

here’s a quick and dirty cover mixed this morning that evolved from a studio improv session a couple of weeks ago. A hot mess of analog synthesis: FEARvLOATHINC’s [Brand] New Home.

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Lab 2016 […just]

Pretty Lights…post-xmas studio rewiring finally done, Kurosawa and Shindo...

Gear: Bontempi musicpartner MS40

picked this ancient home organ up at a junk store many years ago with the intent of circuit bending, but it has an anachronistic charm as is.

audio thing: monsters

a tin can, some rubber bands & a sampler. a sonic experiment for Angelspit’s 40 hr rock challenge: MONSTERS

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Five Zeroes [Teaser Promo]
Five Zeroes [Teaser Promo]
other suicides
  • Five Zeroes [Teaser Promo]

  • Five Zeroes [Teaser Promo]

  • other suicides



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