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New E.P: Five Zeroes: An Other Suicides Companion

Our new E.P ‘Five Zeroes: An Other Suicides Companion’ is out now. featuring some very cool guest appearances by Justine O’Gahdra-Sharp, U.S electronic duo Reapers, Romanian soprano Kirine, Venezuelan cellist Carolina Teruel, and guitars by Dean Young of Built. Check it out on bandcamp or spotify now.

Walking Ghost Phase

Walking Ghost Phase, a brand new 3 track single from The Mercy Cage, featuring Justine O’Gahdra-Sharp. available digitally now.

Snapshots of A Surveillance Manifesto

Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto is an electro/industrial EP by Hungarian cyberpunk novelist & researcher Planetdamage. features a remix by TMC.

Remix: lichtbeuger – praise be

Here’s a remix of the song Praise Be by Auckland band Lichtbeuger.
note: remix contains a sample of Norfolk Jubilee Quartette’s Ride On King Jesus. Which sounds like the name of the greatest 70s bikersploitation movie ever…

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Lab 2016 […just]

Pretty Lights…post-xmas studio rewiring finally done, Kurosawa and Shindo...

Gear: Bontempi musicpartner MS40

picked this ancient home organ up at a junk store many years ago with the intent of circuit bending, but it has an anachronistic charm as is.

audio thing: monsters

a tin can, some rubber bands & a sampler. a sonic experiment for Angelspit’s 40 hr rock challenge: MONSTERS

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Five Zeroes [Teaser Promo]
Five Zeroes [Teaser Promo]
other suicides
  • Five Zeroes [Teaser Promo]

  • Five Zeroes [Teaser Promo]

  • other suicides



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