“M”:Distant Voices EP

Third single from the 2001 album Rust: A Fiction.

“M”: Distant Voices Single
June 2004
Cat: VET 005
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"M" (Album mix)
"M"(Changeling mix)
"M"(Over The Counter mix)
"M"(Oxidation mix)
"M"(Broken Razors mix)
"M"(edgemere's OldSkool Take)
"M"(Club mix)
"M"(Art Is Pornographic mix)
"M" (An Exit)

mastered @ RW Audio
Auckland, New Zealand
February 2002.

Cover design & layout: Josh Wood
"M" - copyright 2001 The Mercy Cage
Published by: control
all songs © 2001 josh wood


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1 - "M"
Original album version. appears on the Mediatrix release 'Rust:A Fiction' [#MDATRX-004]

2 - "M"(Changeling mix by The Changeling)
Remix by Changeling, October 2001.

3 - "M"(Over The Counter mix by Opiate Receptor)
Mix by d. smith, January 2002 at Dopiate Studios (Wall, NJ, USA).

4 - "M"(Oxidation mix by breathingunderwater)
recorded mixed and produced by Dene Young @ Underh20 Digital Studios
Tauranga, NZ. November 2001.

5 - "M"(Broken Razors mix by The Mercy Cage)
Remixed by The Mercy Cage, December 2001 @ V.E.T Labs, Tauranga NZ.

6 - "M"(Released by Fabrik Nos)
Remix and additional production by Steve Eagle, November 2001 at Die Fabrik, Boston MA, USA.
Fabrik Nos appears courtesy of Heavy Industries.

7 - "M"(edgemere's OldSkool Take)
Remix by RevLaye December 2001.

8 - "M"(Club mix by Alpha Dialation)
Remix Jan 2k2 by A/D @ Juno, AKL, NZ.
Alpha Dialation appear courtesy of Torchlight Promotions.

9 - "M"(Art Is Pornographic mix by A.I.P)
Remix by Reyhan Na'im Ricklefs, somewhere in Texas, Novembver 2001.

10 - "M" (An Exit)

Written & produced by The Mercy Cage, January 2002 @ V.E.T Labs, Tauranga, New Zealand.
mastered @ RW Audio
Auckland, New Zealand
February 2002.


Black on black
Something automatic
Something sight unseen
I have succumbed to this before
Thru malignancy, with sympathy
With shame when words collide
Stuck on the downside…
Every time i think it’s over
[I am nameless & i am dying]
[I am blameless yet i am dying]

I could cut myself to prove that the wire is real


A shallow distance, love in remission now
While everything’s dead inside
At least the sun shines down again
In horror he fell, this well etched mask of tragedy belies
The light of a funeral for a friend…
I ripped the wound by falling over…

[I am nameless & i am dying]
[I am blameless yet i am dying]
[In suffrage now i cannot see]
[I'm not half as whole as i used to be]

I will cut myself to prove that the wire is real
I have cut myself to prove that the wire is real
I have cut myself, & they have cut me…

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 "M": Distant Voices E.P [2001]
The Mercy Cage - "M":Distant Voices
Single number 3 from the Rust:A Fiction album is a ten track offering featuring 8 remixes by artists from all corners of the globe. In the best tradition of Th' Cage's remix singles, this is an extremely diverse release featuring some fantastic remixes by an incredible range of the electronic undergrounds finest. Additional information on each track is to the right of this page.

Track Listing:
"M" (Album mix)
"M" (Changeling mix)
"M" (Over The Counter mix)
"M" (Oxidation mix)
"M" (Broken Razors mix)
"M" (Released)
"M" (edgemere's OldSkool take)
"M" (Alpha Dialation club mix)
"M" (Art Is Pornographic mix)
"M" (An Exit)

More Info:
Due for release March 2002.
Mastered February 2002 @ RW Audio.

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M (Album mix)
The Mercy Cage
Tauranga,New Zealand
129 BPM

M (Changeling mix)
135 BPM

M (Over The Counter mix)
Opiate Receptor
129 BPM

M (Oxidation mix)
Tauranga,New Zealand
130 BPM

M (Broken Razors mix)
The Mercy Cage
129 BPM

M (Released)
Fabrik Nos
142 BPM

M (edgemeres old-skool take)
Old School EBM
118 BPM

M (Alpha Dialation club mix)
Alpha Dialation
Auckland,New Zealand
140 BPM

M (Art Is Pornographic mix)
Art Is Pornographic
Electronica/Industrial Electronic
129 BPM

M (An Exit)
The Mercy Cage



"M" - Copyright 2001 The Mercy Cage. Published by Control.