Free: high-bitrate full-length mp3s by The Mercy Cage. to download songs, [rightclick/save as] on song title.

The Jewellery Thief [1st Heist] [12.5MB]
originally appeared on the ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ compilation [2008]. ‘The Jewellery Thief’ is a demo mix from the early ‘other suicides’ sessions.  scroll down to the remixes section to check out the epic ‘allnightmix’, originally exclusive DLC for the comp.


From Scree: Transmissions [2005]:
Prozac, God & The Atomic Bomb [7.3MB]
Hymn_01 [9.1MB]
(a)=arcsin [3.4MB]

From Rust: A Fiction [2001]:
Needle Marks (& Scars) [10.1MB]
The Valium Whip [10MB]

From Valium: Toxicity 2.0 E.P [2001]
Anne K.
The Body Politic

From Wire [1999]:
The Burning Girl


Reunion [Dripped Insistent mix]
remixed by the mercy cage

previously unreleased [2006]

The Jewellery Thief [2nd Heist/allnightmix] [29.2MB]
remixed by the mercy cage
originally appeared as DLC for the ‘Something Wicked…’ compilation [2008]

Prozac, God & The Atomic Bomb [Interbreeding mix] [7.5MB]
remixed by the mercy cage
originally appeared on BLCs Interbreeding III Compilation [2004]

Prozac, God & The Atomic Bomb [Closing Credits mix] [7.5MB]
Reunion [Siege Mentality mix] [10.1MB]
Magnets Coil [Soul Of A New Machine mix] [5.5MB]
remixed by breathingunderwater
originally appeared on hymn_01: virtual E.P [2004]


Headhunter [Front 242 Cover] [12.8MB]
original by Front 242. recorded 2001.


hymn_01-virtual is a free downloadable promotional EP for the 2005 album from The Mercy Cage entitled scree: transmissions. it contains 3 full-length album tracks, plus 3 exclusive remixes of songs from the album by breathingunderwater in high bitrate 256kbs mp3 files complete with hi-res TIFF format printable artwork.

to download audio: “right click/save target as” on the download link.

to download artwork: “right click/save target as” on the appropriate thumbnail.

note: all cover artwork is formatted to print at the correct size in your image editor, including MS paint

01: Prozac, God & The Atomic Bomb [7.3MB]
02: Hymn_01 [9.1MB]
03: (a)=arcsin [3.4MB]
04: Prozac, God & The Atomic Bomb [Closing Credits mix] [7.5MB]
05 : Reunion [Siege Mentality mix] [10.1MB]
06: Magnets Coil [Soul Of A New Machine mix] [5.5MB]

all songs, images & text copyright 2004 josh wood. all rights reserved.

Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp – Sídhe

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Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp – Sídhe

‘Sídhe’ (pronounced “shee”) is the debut solo EP from Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp: former singer with dark, experimental New Zealand projects The Gael, Flinch, Pulchritude, DiS, Artemisia, and others.

Originally recorded during the early 2000s in Titirangi, Auckland, with long-time collaborator and drummer Iva Treskon (Artemisia, Pulchritude); the ‘Sídhe’ recordings have languished unfinished and unreleased ever since.

The sessions were rescued from obscurity at Junk DNA Recording, Wellington, by engineer and musician Bryan Tabuteau (Crash-Scan, UVB96, Radar Angel, Nullity); and have at last been brought back to life at VET Labs, Auckland, by producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Wood (The Mercy Cage, The Altar, Melody Fallen).

The ‘Sídhe’ EP blends brooding and seductive lounge-bar cabaret with dark electronica, and features guest appearances from singer Michel Rowland (Disjecta Membra), and session bassist Matt Shanks.

Black Pill/Red Pill

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Black Pill/Red Pill


FREE download from 10 awesome bands: Angelspit, Miss Ballistic, DK Zero, The Gothsicles, Hardcore Pong, Helalyn Flowers, Lorelei Dreaming, May May Graves, The Mercy Cage, & Planetdamage.  – DOWNLOAD NOW

Sad Girls Club Vol.4

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Sad Girls Club Vol.4

So Australia’s Isserley is one of my personal artists of the year. The saddest (& probably most productive) girl in Australia has released about a zillion records in a variety of styles, with a unifying pitch black aesthetic, smart melodies, & razor-sharp wit.

Isserley’s latest remix album Sad Girls Club Vol.4 is out now. Including a remix of the song V/H/S by The Mercy Cage from earlier in the year. I like how this one turned out. It’s VERY abrasive. All the distortion all the time…

Check out the original on the album Cutest Girls Suicide Cult:

More from Isserley:

Weak: Machine Logic Remix E.P

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Weak: Machine Logic Remix E.P

The Mercy Cage‘s new remix single with Reapers, ‘Weak: Machine Logic’ is out now on bandcamp, spotify & apple music.

Featuring some killer remixes by Out Out, Angelspit, skin contact, PlanetdamageOUJI, Genesis’84 ??, a reworking by Kirine & more.


‘Weak’ music video:

‘Machine Logic’ teaser promo:–HVBcv9I

Puncture Marks…

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Puncture Marks…

Angelspit’s very wicked new remix album Puncture Marks, featuring remixes of the entirety of their 2017 album ‘Black Dog Bite’ is out now.

Containing reworkings by the likes of GoFight, Mr.Kitty, The Gothsicles, En Esch, Abney Park, Planetdamage & loads more.

One by The Mercy Cage too. check out our remix of Sexy Tragic Muse.

Available now.

[The Mercy Cage x Shine Brida]

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[The Mercy Cage x Shine Brida]

Was going to hold this version of the song off for the album, but i’m so in love with it, that we’ll put it out now. Because i got to have one of my very favorite artists on this track: Shine Brida

Brida STOMPS this. It’s very bleak and very beautiful and full of perfect moments. & Kitty Rine glues the song together with a lovely choral vocal.

It’s a free download on bandcamp (or pay what you want), because we know times are tight & we’d love everyone to have the chance to take a listen. On spotify/apple music/itunes etc in the next couple days.

Backed with a remix, ‘No Heroes Dub’ that’s a little glitchy, a little Hip Hop, & more than a littlenoisy 90’s Industrial.


Shine Brida’s amazing new E.P ‘Moonshine II’ is out on bandcamp now. It’s one of my records of the year so far.

Remix: OUJI – Neon Kids [Neo-Tokyo Mix by The Mercy Cage]

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Remix: OUJI – Neon Kids [Neo-Tokyo Mix by The Mercy Cage]

something a little different. a remix i just finished for left-field electro act OUJI. a little housey. many sidechained compressors. check out the original on OUJI’s debut E.P ‘Body Of Work’, out now for free on spotify, bandcamp & soundcloud.

Check out the original below. from the E.P ‘Body Of Work’. which is one of the more interesting records i’ve heard in a while. 5 tracks of smart left-of-center joyous Electropop. with at least a couple of clever programming tricks in each track that’ll give most producers a “how’d they do that” moment. OUJI is also one half of my favourite glitch-hop duo MGC.

New E.P: Five Zeroes: An Other Suicides Companion

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New E.P: Five Zeroes: An Other Suicides Companion

After the release of the single ‘Walking Ghost Phase’ in early 2017, New Zealand Industrial
act The Mercy Cage return with an E.P featuring acclaimed Wellington-based vocalist
Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp, plus guest appearances from U.S Synthwave duo Reapers,
Romanian Soprano Kirine, Auckland Guitarist Dean Young (Built). & Venezuelan session
Cellist Carolina Teuel.

“By turns droney, dirgey, experimental & pretty, ‘Five Zeroes’ is a collection of songs from
the forthcoming album abstracted from the narrative that share an aesthetic, rather than tell
a linear story. Though in a way, a there’s an emergent narrative all its own…”

The 8 track ‘Five Zeroes: An Other Suicides Companion’ E.P is available for streaming now
on Spotify, and for download on bandcamp now.

Featured Performers:

Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp has been active since the mid 1990’s in the Christchurch and Auckland Industrial/Goth scenes. She has performed in bands such as The Gael, Flinch, DIS with David Khan, Roshgar, and her own group Pulchritude.

Reapers are an Electronic Synthwave duo from Pennsylvania USA. Reapers new album ‘Revelations’ is due out early 2018. New single ‘Watch The Machine’ is out now.

Built is the new recording project from singer/songwriter/guitarist ?Dean Young (breathingunderwater, This Theory Of Static, The Mercy Cage). Built will follow up This Theory Of Static’s critically acclaimed debut album with an E.P due out early 2018

Kirine is a German-based Romanian Soprano. 

Carolina Teruel is a classically trained  Venezuelan Session Cellist

Ami Shimada is a US based Japanese  actress.

The Mercy Cage is an Industrial/cyber-noir band from Auckland, New Zealand.

Snapshots of A Surveillance Manifesto

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Snapshots of A Surveillance Manifesto

Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto is an electro/industrial EP by Hungarian cyberpunk novelist & researcher Planetdamage. features a remix by TMC.

Out now on soundcloud, bandcamp and direct download below:




Remix: lichtbeuger – praise be

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Remix: lichtbeuger – praise be

Here’s a remix of the song Praise Be by Auckland band Lichtbeuger.

Lichtbeuger’s debut Piezoelectric EP is available here:
or here:

note: remix contains a sample of Norfolk Jubilee Quartette’s Ride On King Jesus. Which sounds like the name of the greatest 70s bikersploitation movie ever…