A complete list of remixes by The Mercy Cage for other artists.







 Create Desire (Inject mix)   Angelspit    
Jan ’07
 Create Desire (cage mix)   Angelspit    
Jan ’07
 Not In My Name (mix)   Diverje    
Feb ’06
 No Time For Compromise(mix)   Diverje    
Feb ’06
 I Walk Alone (mix)   Diverje    
Jan ’06
 Head Of Gabriel (Identity mix)   Attrition    
Apr ’04
 Jahada (hawks & Doves mix)   Clear Stream Temple    
Feb ’04
 Alien Radio Station (nuPolitikMix)   FEARvLOATHINC    
 Ease The Pain (Placebo mix)   Angel Theory    


 Broken (A Reconstruction)   Diverje    
Feb ’03
 Amphibian (Aquatic Ceremony mix)   Diverje    
Jan ’03
 Salient Position (Die Sensucht mix)   Project Auryn    
Jan ’03
 Drone Function (Danse Mechanik mix)   N.U.T.E    
Nov ’02
 Boom (Points Of Impact mix)   Skin Receptor/Krushed Opiates    
Nov ’02
 The Wake (Bone Machine mix)   Abney Park    

Apr ’02

 A Bugs Life (Hydrocarbon mix)   Unscrew    

Apr ’02

 Transhuman (Rewired)   Another Forgotten Machine    

Dec ’01

 Master Beat (Mojo Rising mix)   Opiate Receptor    

Nov ’01

 A Brand New Hurt (Cinematic Defrag mix)   Breathingunderwater    
Mar ’01
 Carbon (Stasis mix)   Skin Contact    
Mar ’01
 Nightfall (A Farewell To The Flesh)   Armageddon Project    

Jun ’00

 At The End Of You (Absolution mix)   breathingunderwater    

May ’00

 Used (Viral mix)   Armageddon Project    

May ’00

 Ripped (Disintegration mix)   Skin Receptor    

Apr ’00

 Problematic (Dreams Of The Flood)   Edgemere    

Mar ’00

 Hymn For The Broken (Love In The Asylum)   Melody Fallen    

Mar ’00

 A Trail Of Tears (No Light On The Path)   Another Forgotten Machine    

Jan ’00

 Forge (A Brighter Oblivion mix)   Lament Configuration    

Feb ’00

 Two (Karma Smack Deconstruction)   Another Forgotten Machine    

Nov ’99

 Purify (Shredded)   The Altar    

Sep ’99


Remixes of songs by The Mercy Cage:







 Reunion (seige mentality mix)   Breathingunderwater    

 Reunion” (remix)   Attrition    

 Magnets Coil (new machine mix)   Breathingunderwater    

 Prozac, God… (closing credits mix)   Breathingunderwater    

 Magnets Coil (sonar mix)   The Mercy Cage    

 Magnets Coil (master magnet overhaul)   FearvLoathinc    

 “M” (Over The Counter mix)   Opiate Receptor    

 “M” (Changeling mix)   Changeling    

 “M” (Released)   Fabrik Nos    

 “M” (Oxidation mix)   Breathingunderwater    

 “M” (edgemeres oldskool take)   Edgemere    

 “M” (Broken Razors mix)   The Mercy Cage    

 “M” (Art Is Pornographic mix)   Art Is Pornographic    

 “M” (Club mix)   Alpha Dialation    

Needle Marks (Rehab mix)   Skin Contact    

Needle Marks (guncalledapathy mix)   Breathingunderwater    

 Needle Marks (Acid 8 mix)   The Mercy Cage    

 Needle Marks (Suchtkranken mix)   Fabrik Nos    

 Needle Marks (TDIL mix)   Skin Receptor    

 Needle Marks (Methadone Twitch mix)   System/Statik    

 Validation/Whore (Violated mix)   Skin Receptor    

 Resurrection Complex (subhuman mix)   Breathingunderwater    

 The Destiny Rides (Chaos Theories mix)   Lament Configuration    

 Misericordia (Ancient Delirium mix)   Another Forgotten Machine    

 The Underneath (LoFi Genocide mix)   Armageddon Project    

 The Valium Whip (edgemeres nic fit)   Edgemere    

 Misericordia (Breath Of Death mix)   Lament Configuration    

 The Underneath (Funhouse mix)   The Mercy Cage    

 Defeat (Vein Cage mix)   Vein Cage    

 Misericordia (Hypostatic mix 2002)   The Mercy Cage    

 Raining Over Vegas (Rewind/Erase mix)   N.U.T.E    

 Resurrection Complex (Perpetual Motion mix)   The Mercy Cage