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30.11.02 – Now available @ the mediatrix website, four exclusive new downloads:

– The Underneath (Lost In The Funhouse mix)
an electro reworking of the ‘Rust:A Fiction’ album track.

– Resurrection Complex 2002
– Misericordia (Hypostatic mix 2002)
extensive reworkings of two Cage classics from the ‘Wire’ album.

– The Valium Whip (Video)
Promotional video clip for the song The Valium Whip. Video conceived & created by Interim Inc.

head to & click on the mp3s link.
go forth & right click/save as:

25.11.02 – Krushed Opiates debut CD Driving The Two Dimensional Highway, featuring The Mercy Cage remix of the song Master Beat, is now available from DSBP.

For more info:

15.10.02 – check out the new Live/Events section for info on the upcoming Vampyre Ball 2002 gig, & also the debut of The Valium Whip video & more @ Darkness Gathering 2002.

31.07.02 – Have just been made aware that the Mediatrix website has links to online stockists for secure online ordering of the Rust:A Fiction album.

goto: & click on the online catalogue link.

04.07.02 – Next release thru Mediatrix is Rust:Document, containing:

– Rust:A Fiction album
– Needle Marks:Deconstructions E.P
– Valium:Toxicity v2.0 E.P
– “M”:Distant Voices E.P
– + multimedia content including The Valium Whip video & a remix b-sides mp3 “E.P”.

05.05.02 – Pop culture whoring. The Mercy Cage & Melody Fallen both rate brief mentions in the new Mick Mercer book 21st Century Goth.

03.05.02 – Finished a remix for American Goth-Rock band Abney Park. Expect to see The Wake (Bone Machine mix by The Mercy Cage) on the forthcoming Abney Park remix album, alongside mixes by Mephisto Walz, Gossamer, Tapping The Vein & Falling You.

14.04.02 – Have just completed a remix for infamous american experimental group Unscrew. You’ll be able to download A Bugs Life (Hydrocarbon mix by The Mercy Cage) from the media section of this website soon.

07.04.02 – Please note: any links to mentioned on this site are now invalid, as we have closed our page at ampcast. please report any links the webmaster has missed to:

18.03.02 – Check out an interview with The Mercy Cage in the latest edition of Deadlines e-zine.

16.03.02 – Rust:A Fiction is now officially available to purchase online from Mediatrix. Distribution & vendor information to follow…

08.03.02 -Check out the new Distant Voices page for info on the upcoming EP, including finalised track listing, Artwork, Information on the remixes, & a free mp3 download (hosted at

19.02.02 -Of note for Feb 2k2:
Rust: A Fiction – After innumerable delays, this album should finally be instore sometime in the next few weeks. Keep it locked here, or at the Mediatrix website for more info…

The song “M” currently features in The Electric Front’s Top Ten list amidst some pretty heavyweight company…

27.01.02 -The ‘M’:Distant Voices remixes single has been sent off for mastering. Track listing Follows:

‘M’ (Album mix)
‘M’ (Changeling mix by The Changeling)
‘M’ (Over The Counter mix by Opiate Receptor)
‘M’ (Broken Razors mix by The Mercy Cage)
‘M’ (Oxidation mix by breathingunderwater)
‘M’ (Released by Fabrik Nos)
‘M’ ( Edgemere’s OldSkool Take)
‘M’ (Alpha Dialation’s Club mix)
‘M’ (Art Is Pornographic mix by Art Is Pornographic)
‘M’ (An Exit)

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