False Prophets [Mentallo & The Fixer cover] [2004]

a fairly faithful version of my favourite MATF song, recorded for a proposed tribute album that fell apart in paticularly spectacular fashion in april 2004.

rewired by The Mercy Cage @ v.e.t_labs, Tauranga, New Zealand. March 2004.

original blurb:

for me, mentallo & the fixer epitomised everything good about the early 90s electro-industrial scene. brutal upfront production, raw synthwork, abstract atmospheres  & a healthy dose of experimentalism. the brothers dassing always seemed to approach music with an almost missionary zeal, there’s an intensity in most of their work  that borders on religious fervor. The raw energy of albums like “revelations 23” & “where angels fear to tread ” makes the current crop of electro bands seem rather tame & safe by comparison.

Author: themercycage

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