Strange & Dangerous Times…

another sporadic [& brief] update from the lab. strange & dangerous times. as ever. back onstage this weekend, just in time for halloween. if you’re in the area, be sure to check out the new & improved live maximum cybernetic rock & roll machine that is the mercy cage headlining this years halloween ball in auckland: details here: club bizarre


recent releases involving the mercy cage:
have contributed songs/mixes/guitars for the latest record by new mexico’s diverje, the distortion chamber:
cyborg resistance from NUTE, produced & mixed by yours truly is also out now:
the angel theory black + blue E.P contains the mercy cage remix of ease the pain:
same remix also features on the fantastic australian comp crash frequency. this very definitely recommended:
& just in this month, the 6 disc(!) compilation CD from a different drum, state of synthpop 2005, featuring an exclusive remix of magnets coil [original version from scree:transmissions]:


reviews for scree:transmissions:

Virus Magazine
This Is Corrosion


check out print interviews in sideline #52 & virus magazine #1.
scree:transmissions available now from the lovely people @ the DSBP

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