Long time between updates. apologies. holed up in the v.e.t_labs 
bunker hard at work on the new Mercy Cage album. it’s nearing
completion. won’t give too much away at this stage, but suffice to
say it’s easily the most ambitious project we’ve ever attempted. more



  The Mercy Cage makes an appearance on the (forthcoming) 3rd Interbreeding compilation from the folks @ BLC music. Interbreeding III: Xenophobic is a 2 CD compilation featuring established names & some of the rising stars of the underground electro-industrial scene. Interbreeding III features the track “Prozac, God & The Atomic Bomb [Xenophobe mix]”, an exclusive remix of a song from the new album sessions. Hyper-distorted darkwave goodness.

[info/tracklisting]: http://www.blcmusic.com/news.asp

more compilation appearances to be announced soon…


+  recently wrapped a remix of the song “Head Of Gabriel” for seminal
U.K darkwave act Attrition. This is slated to appear on the
forthcoming single of the same name.

[info]: http://www.attrition.co.uk

+  The Mercy Cage remix of the Clear Stream Temple track Jahada is scheduled to appear on the cover CD of australian goth/electro
magazine Fiend.

[info]: http://www.fiend-magazine.com

+  & it has just been brought to my attention that a remix Th’ Cage
completed for N>Z electro-legends FEARvLOATHINC is now available for free download online. this is an instrumental down-tempo remix of the decidedly clubby original. the new FvL album, if advance listens are any indication, is shaping up to be one of the most important electronic albums to come out of new zealand for a very long time.
one to keep an eye out for…

[download/goto]: http://www.johnnychrome.co.nz

+  a remix for australian EBM act (& GUP recording artist) Angel
Theory is also in the pipeline…


+  currently mixing a cover version of Mentallo & The Fixer’s “False Prophets” for Initial Sequence Productions forthcoming MATF tribute album.

+  recently completed an ultra-heavy guitar+electronics collaborative track for Tommy T ov industrial supergroup Diverje. this
collaboration is due to appear on the 6th Diverje album, “The
Distortion Chamber”, due out later this year.

[HAERE RA-deno.pisses.off.]

+  this month we farewell longtime cage-collaborator & live guitarist
dene [under/h2o] young to the frozen north (scotland to be exact). An itegral part of the live performance unit to date, dene has also
contributed guitar to several tracks off the new album, & his
prodigious talents will be sorely missed. hopefully he’ll continue to
contribute long distance to future v.e.t_labs releases.

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